Student Frequently Asked Question's

1.What is the right time to start the application process?

We recommend that you start researching the University you want to apply to approximately one year in advance. It will take you this long to go through the complete application process which includes - to identify which institution best suits your needs and in turn if you fit into their applicant criteria, apply to the University, wait for a response from them & visa application process.

2.When is the main intake?

Intakes depends on the Country in which u wish to apply.Generally, USA- Spring(March) / Summer(June) / Fall(September) / Winter(December) CANADA- September, January & May AUSTRALIA- February & July UNITED KINGDOM- January & September NEW ZEALAND- February, July & Septembe

3.What are the application deadlines?

Each Institution (University / College) has its own deadline and some are subject / department specific. An average for deadlines would be six to nine months before your session begins.

4.Are the deadlines flexible?

For degree programs, deadlines are not flexible! However, for diploma and post-graduate diplomas deadlines can be varied and flexible. Some institutions may accept international students after the deadlines if they have space left.

5.I missed all the deadlines. What do I do now?

Contact the institution and ask about the Last Call for Admission. This could be your last chance to get into University for that session.

6. What are the options available to me if I have only completed 15 years of education and I need 16 for entry into a Masters level program?

Some Universities may accept you with the 3 years Bachelor’s degree. Others may evaluate your academic history and consider you for a direct entry to Masters if you have an excellent academic record. If none of the option works, kindly try taking up a few options like:

a) Complete your Master’s degree here in India, and apply for the same thereafter in desired Country, or

b) You may complete your Master’s degree here in India, and apply for your PhD thereafter, or

c) You may try to get your credits transferred to a University there, entering your 3rd or 4th year in a Bachelors program. (For this you would need to contact the Admissions Department of the Institution applied for).

7.Do I need to appear for an English Fluency Test?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you appear for one of the Internationally recognized English proficiency tests - IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum test scores required vary, but generally TOEFL scores of 90-102 or IELTS band of 6.0 – 6.5 are accepted.

8. Are there scholarships / loans available to international students?

There are many more opportunities for scholarships at the graduate (MA) and post-graduate (PhD) level. Apart from these Indian students can also avail of scholarships offered by Indian education trusts & bodies.

9. I have got my acceptance letter from the Institute. What should I do next?

We recommend that you start preparing your documents and apply for your Study Permit as soon as you have received your acceptance letter or conditional acceptance letter.

10. I have got a conditional letter of acceptance from my institute. Can I apply for my student visa?

Yes, you can apply for a visa with a conditional acceptance letter You will need to ensure that your application is supported by the required documentation.